Why choose BSC

5 Reasons why you should choose BSC for Laundry Seminar

  1. Lectures are based from actual experience of running a Laundry Shop– Lessons are from extensive years of running Planet Laundry Shop
  2. Wide Coverage of Topics– Covers the business Management (Financial Aspect, Taxation, Marketing, Manpower, Machine etc)
  3. Speakers– Experts in Laundry Business (Trained almost 1,300 Laundry Owners)
  4. Affordable– we also offer early bird promo. Less Php500 for regular price
  5. Actual Demonstration

When you attend our seminar, you will get the following

  • Full  view and situations of the Laundry Industry in the Philippines so you can deal wisely;
  • Helpful tips in choosing a  proper location to avoid costly mistakes;
  • Well developed, effective,  and  tested  systems and procedures  for your Laundry   Operations
    and Business Management (which you will get only from franchise operations);
  • Most Important Guidelines when buying Laundry Equipment, Chemicals  &  Supplies
    (which can lower your operational cost)
  • Continuous free technical assistance, and business advice on laundry shop operations  most
    especially when you encounter problems or would like to expand
  • Most common errors and mistakes in laundry operations and management which can gravely
    affect your operations!

BSC is continuously improving

  • New and Improved  Training Facilityconducive to learning
  • Free  Wi-Fi  access;
  • Improved and  Updated Lecture Materials relevant to the current situation of laundry industry;
  • Amore comprehensive discussion of Marketing  aspect, vital to the success of business;
  • Athorough discussion of laundry washing, use of laundry chemicals and supplies, and proper laundry equipment both for household and industrial laundry;
  • Covers all topics, not only laundry operations but alsoManagement aspects such   laundry industry, licensing, taxation;
  • Provides continuous technical assistance, demo of laundrychemicals and advice on laundry operations and management even after the seminar
  • We are proud to have High Calibre, well  rounded and Resource Person
  • Provides actual demonstrations  of dry cleaning procedures

Resource Speakers

We have expert resource persons who are very much willing to share their knowledge and long experiences in laundry business!

Enrico B. Martin Jr.
Speaker – Laundry Business for Small Scale Operation

Work Experiences:
• Operation Manager of Planet Laundry (2000-2006)
• Laundry Consultant/Resource Person of
Powerclean Laundry Institute (PCLI)
• Consultant, Licensing & Permits,
Bookkeeping,Audit, and Tax Payments
• Trainer/Consultant – Hands-on Operation of
Laundry Shop
• Conducted and trained more than 1,300 laundry
shops in Metro Manila, Cebu ,Davao,
Cagayan De Oro, and other regions.


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