“People and Processes Working in Synergy”


For any organization, an effective Performance Management System (PMS) is absolutely powerful in ensuring long-term success of the Company. It is deemed effective when there is alignment of corporate objectives down to the individual objectives.


It is in this premise that any company has to develop a strong and effective performance evaluation system and framework that ensures fair, objective assessment anchored on agreed performance goals that eventually brings out alignment to the corporate goals.


BSC helps your organization to make it happen!



Essentials of the 1-day Performance Management System training:

  • Performance management systems defined.
  • Ultimate objectives of performance management
  • The 3 major points on performance management process
    • Planning
    • Tracking and monitoring
    • Reviewing and evaluating
  • Performance Tools applicable to the business environment
    • Balanced Scored Card
    • Management by Objectives
    • High Impact Goals
  • Delivering Performance Results
    • Effective feedback session
    • Managing resistance on performance results
  • Rewards and Recognition
    • Developing performance budget
    • Developing merit matrix based on performance rating, vis-avid current position on salary structure
  • Strategies for continuous improvement on performance management
  • Open Discussion/ Round Table Conversation with participants.
  • Post training consultation arrangement with BSC Consultants.

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