President of BSC Training Institute
Senior Consultant for Organisational Effectiveness Training Programs

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology, Far Eastern University Management Development Program, Asian Institute of Management Global Human Resource Excellence Program, Curtis in Singapore Certified Change Management Professional, William Bridges Certified Administrator of Targeted Selection, DDI

Jun has more than 25 years and expertise in all facets of Human Resources, both in terms of strategic and operational HR. He led, designed and implemented several HR programs and even installing cross-functional team structures in different local and multi-national organizations which include semiconductor, software development, power and utility, information technology and packaging solutions. Substantially well-experienced in playing a key role in partnership with top management and down to rank and file in terms of developing and implementing human resources programs and services. Sufficiently manned in integrating total business operations beyond human resources landscape and ensured synergy across other     functions in Finance, Quality Management, Research & Development, Supply Chain Management, Production, and most notably in Sales and Marketing through implementation of Service Level Agreement.   Jun is a multi-skilled human resources professional and adaptive in understanding varying cultures with strong inclination in a genuine HR business partnering.  The leader who deploys participative and consultative leadership and management to ensure sustainable employee engagement. He is known to be an advocate of a strong corporate values system and leadership development and successfully implemented the same on several occasions. Recognized as one of the best People Manager in Intel Philippines. An HR-team builder for young HR professionals.   Prior to his self-imposed early retirement, Jun’s recent designation was being the Global HR Director covering 7 countries (Philippines, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Germany, Japan and North America). Other positions he occupied in the past are Regional HR Director, Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Vice President for HR and Assistant Vice President for HR.   On a personal level, he is currently the President of GIAN (God Is Always Near) Youth Foundation, created to serve young people to become a better Christian in the community. He is also the Administration Head and Ministry Purpose Leader under the Jesus Christ Is All in All Ministry since 1990.





Licensed Trainer in the Hospitality Industry


Chief Operating Officer