Hands-on Seminar



BSC now offers hands-on training on laundry operations for owner and staff. BSC was organized to achieve one goal, which is to help in the development of the laundry industry in the Philippines. With the seminars, trainings, and consultancy services that we provide for its members. It is our own little way of helping laundry industry shop operators offer the quality service that their customers deserve.

BSC is continuously improving

  • New and Improved  Training Facility conducive to learning
  • Free  Wi-Fi  access
  • Improved and  Updated Lecture Materials relevant to the current situation of laundry industry
  • A more comprehensive discussion of Marketing  aspect, vital to the success of business;
  • A thorough discussion of laundry washing, use of laundry chemicals and supplies, and proper laundry equipment both for household and industrial laundry;
  • Covers all topics, not only laundry operations but also Management aspects such   laundry industry, licensing, taxation
  • Provides continuous technical assistance, demo of laundry chemicals and advice on laundry

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