BSCTI to hold a “How to start and operate a Water Refilling Station” Business Seminar

The BSC Training Institute, a training institution that offers business opportunity seminars, technical skills development training programs and career advancement seminars, will conduct a business seminar entitled, “ How to Start and Operate a Water Refilling Business” on July 30, 2016 at their training facility located at 306-B A. Tanco Building, Shaw Boulevard corner New Panaderos Street (Kalentong), Mandaluyong City.

The water refilling station business has proven to be very stable industry here in the Philippines especially on highly urbanized areas. It is already been embedded to drink purified or mineral water and sometimes needs to sacrifice some other indulgences just to have a safe and clean drinking water. Hence, the demand for this product is on the highest level, and that is why it is never too late to venture into this kind of business. However, since competition in this industry is a bit tough, it is imperative that you should be fully informed of the ins and outs in operating your own water refilling station before you even consider of starting one of your own. This is the reason that BSCTI’s “How to Start and Operate a Water Refilling Business” will be very helpful to aspiring owners and operators.

The said seminar will provide its participants sufficient and relevant information on how to jumpstart and operate their own water refilling station business efficiently. Some of the important topics that will be discussed in the said seminars will focus on the pre-requisites in opening a water refilling station, such as licenses and permits that need to be accomplished before putting up your own station. Also to be discussed with utmost importance will be the technical aspect of the water refilling business, such as the kind of equipment that will be necessary for the business and how will these equipment be utilized, maintained and be fully maximized in order to run an efficient water refilling operations. Other technical topics like understanding the filtration and purification process and what are the different tests and other important measures to be taken to maintain clean, safe, and potable water will also be touched.

As much as this seminar is filled with adequate and applicable technical information about the water refilling business, the said seminar will also discuss very important topics on the administrative side of the business such as inventory management, accounting of daily sales and even sales and marketing strategies to help prospected water refilling station owners operate and steer their business endeavor to success.

Aside from this seminar, BSCTI  also conducts a seminar on how to start and operate a laundry shop business, This is interesting because it is known that these two businesses go well together for the reason that a moderate amount of the water that a water refilling station process does not end up on a customer’s water container rather just being discarded, incidentally this clean water could be used in the operation of the laundry shop, hence cutting a significant percentage of the laundry shops overhead expenses. Look out for more insightful information such as this in the said seminar that will be happening in July 2016

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